Happy New Year Jokes 2020

Make your close friends and family members laugh with New Year Jokes 2020. Make their new year start a better one and make them laugh with New Year Jokes. The new year is a chance to make a new start and to make a lot of fun with friends. At night of November 31, a huge crowd gets together and raised a huge voice of Happy New Year at 12’O clock. So, it’s the new year and time to celebrate and time to have fun and wish all of you a Happy New Year. When you make a joke you probably trying to make the other person laugh. But if you have made a joke but no one is laughing, they may be, make you the center of laughing, and you will get popular for telling lame jokes. Therefore, we are here to help you and this collection of Happy New Year Jokes 2020 is also here to help you out in this kind of situation.

Special Happy New Year Jokes

  • Jokers don’t need jokes. Their faces make others laugh and you are the one who’s face makes me laugh every time. So, you are a joker for me and wish my joker a Happy New Year.
  • Tick Tock New year is on the clock, time to celebrate and to wish a Happy New year
  • Another new year is here and we all know you are going to waste this year too. Happy New Year
  • You spent last year with me and I know your every deed is an evil deed and I know, You are going to make this year evil too.
  • Just take another step and the new year is here take your step up and waste it too. Happy New Year
  • This is a new year and let’s make this year’s start better in all the way and start the new year with a beautiful smile
  • I invited my boyfriend to go to the gym with me, but he stood me up. I guess the two of us aren’t going to work out. Happy New Year.

New Year Jokes

  • Wish your Girlfriend a Happy New year. Oh! I am sorry you don’t have a girlfriend

New Year Jokes for Friends

  • If you want to stay happy and successful then stay single. happiness will be your’s automatically
  • Make you every look fresh cause this is the new year. But sorry dear you can’t, But still wish you a Happy New Year
  • Time to waste another year and wish you best of luck for that. Happy New Year dear
  • Your face belongs to the zoo, but don’t worry I will be there too. Not with you just to laugh at you
  • Tick tock 12 is on the clock. Time to change thoughts and dear you need to change your face. Happy New Year
  • Another year is here and I took an oath to disturb you again this year and wish you a Happy disturbed year may you have more years like this year
  • Say welcome to the new year and take an oath to disturb others again this year. Happy New Year
  • The new year is here it is the time to disturb you with new words and works. Wish you a Happy New Year

New Year Jokes For Best Friends

  • Let me tell you something. Take a mirror and place it at front of you and you will see a face there. Honestly dear that face belongs to the zoo, I saw that face their lots of times and wish you a Happy New Year
  • Take your chill pill and start your new year and wish you a sleepy new year
  • Sleep early and celebrate the new year in your blanket and wish you a new year
  • If someone asks me to mention an idiot then I will mention you there. Wishing  this idiot a Happy New Year
  • Make a big achievement this year and try to pregnant any girl. That will be a great achievement, Happy New Year dear
  • Dear you know what is the 8th wonder of the world,…Let me tell you something interesting about you that you are the 8th wonder and wish you a Happy New Year
  • I asked your father that what is the biggest mistake of his life and dear you don’t believe that what was the answer. He said that you are his biggest mistake…..Happy New Year
  • There is only one thing that keeps me away from killing you and that is Jail. I am afraid of jail and I don’t want to go to jail after killing you. Happy New Year.

New Year Jokes and Quotes

  • This is the new year, you know it I know it. Then why everyone is wishing us a happy new year. So, if everyone is doing it would be alright and good enough to do, therefore, Happy new year to you too 😀
  • When there is something better happening in your life it does not mean you are doing something right. It means the persons around you are making your life amazing. So, just hand over your life to someone else and go get some to be buried. Happy New Year to you dear.

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